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Turnkey Customer Care

The “Don’t Do-It-Yourself” People

Who would you rather be spending their time and energy troubleshooting, making changes and resolving issues – you and your team or a dedicated support professional taking care of everything while you work, play or sleep? We do it all…so you don’t have to.

No matter where you are in the current lifecycle of your existing contract, we will meet you where you are today, then serve as your guide for an easier tomorrow. We will begin to service your existing contract immediately, as it currently stands. Then, come renewal time, AIE will navigate your company through the renewal process or completely manage the migration of your connectivity service to a provider better suited to your company’s needs.

For the complete lifecycle of your service relationship with your telcom provider, we offer end-to-end, cradle-to-grave customer support – before, during and even after your contract term. It’s the white glove treatment for business professionals who don’t even have time to gather dust!

No Bucks Passed (or Charged)

Unlike most solutions providers or technology resellers, who, when issues arise, would direct you to a provider’s toll-free number or customer support website, our AIE Solutions professionals stand up, take charge, and take responsibility for your technical support or billing issues, taking it off of your plate for good! And we’ll never charge you a dime!

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Great with Names…and Faces!

You will have a dedicated service manager personally assigned to your account, and one with years of technical and support experience under his or her belt. No matter what the question or issue, simply contact your dedicated representative directly. When’s the last time you received the same person twice when contacting customer service? You probably don’t know…and that’s sort of the point. At AIE, you’ll get to know us by name — and by face! And we’ll get to know you by need.​

Automatic Satisfaction, without the Automation

Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to navigate an endless and fruitless automated phone tree ever again? Well, while we can’t promise that relief in other walks of life, we can and do provide direct, personalized attention to detail for all things telcom. We don’t employ bots or artificial intelligence, but rather helpful humans with actual intelligence.

One Throat to Choke Hug

People like to say they want “one throat to choke” when it comes to solving problems, resolving issues, or making changes to service agreements and account programs. But who would choke a helpful, courteous, responsive and knowledgeable professional willing to drop everything to solve any problem or address any concern at a moment’s notice? We tend (and prefer) to earn metaphorical hugs, rather than choke holds.

Ready to meet your own personal mountain mover?